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Cradle of Liberty

"Be awake! No man, or body of men, have a claim upon your liberty but yourselves."


William Cooper Nell


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Boston holds an unparalleled place at the vanguard of American history, both as the hotbed of rebellion prior to the American Revolution and later the center of protest against the institution of slavery before the American Civil War. Hub Town Tours brings you up close as Bostonians struggle to define the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

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"Absolutely the best historical tour that my goddaughter and I have been on in any of the cities to which we've adventured... Rain or shine—a Boston must!"

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Boston Massacre (1770)

Freedom Trail
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A visit to Boston isn’t complete without traveling the iconic Freedom Trail    in the heart of our beautiful city! This brick-lined pedestrian path connects sixteen official landmarks, all of which are viewed on the flagship experience from Hub Town Tours. As you explore, your professional guide explains the chronological underpinnings of the American Revolution, born in Boston. From a “Bloody Massacre” to the “Midnight Ride,” historic burying grounds to towering church steeples, our 2.5-hour walking tour delivers guests directly into a tumultuous town on the brink of war with an empire.

Instant Online Booking

Our history walk on the Freedom Trail is a perfect introduction to the many highlights in Revolutionary Boston

Duration of 2.5 Hours

Our longer duration allows us to visit Downtown and the North End, as well as answer plenty of questions

Always Small Groups

Public tours are limited to sixteen participants. Larger groups should contact us for a private booking!

From $39.00 per Guest

We encourage our guests to avoid the busiest times in town. Less popular dates are available at reduced price!

Freedom Trail Landmarks

Travels through the heart of Boston, providing guests with a view of all sixteen Freedom Trail landmarks

Revolutionary Boston

Our storytelling approach transports guests to the Revolutionary spirit brewing in the streets of Boston

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"The time just flew by... if you have the chance to go on a tour while visiting Boston, Hub Town Tours is an essential, can't-miss event."

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Anthony Burns Trial (1854)

Beacon Hill
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New for 2023! Hub Town Tours brings small-group tours into the must-see neighborhood of Beacon Hill, home to 19th-century mansions, cobblestone alleys, and Underground Railroad stops. As you stroll past all ten official landmarks on the Black Heritage Trail  , hear true tales of incredible courage from the abolitionist movement prior to the American Civil War. Along the way, learn about Bostonians’ central role in the “Second Revolution”—a decades-long struggle for freedom by Americans, black and white, who defied 19th-century racial enslavement by demanding liberty and justice for all across the United States of America.


Instant Online Booking

Our history walk through Beacon Hill visits the Black Heritage Trail and many Underground Railroad stops in Boston

Duration of 2.5 Hours

Our longer duration allows plenty of time for questions, as well as a stop at the essential African Meeting House

Always Small Groups

Public tours are limited to sixteen participants. Larger groups should contact us for a private booking!

$35.00 per Guest

Online ticketing provides a seamless booking experience—no printed tickets required to join our small groups

Beacon Hill Landmarks

From hidden alleys to grand mansions, Beacon Hill is equal parts essential history and architectural beauty 

Civil War Boston

Our storytelling approach transports guests to the abolitionist movement demanding liberty prior to Civil War

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"A truly remarkable experience! Extremely knowledgable and very enthusiastic about explaining the history of Boston."

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British Troops Landing (1768)

Private Tours
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Hub Town Tours specializes in private tours of Boston, customized to your exact specifications. We recommend three hours to experience our full historical narratives, but private tours can be as short as one hour or even turn into multi-day experiences. No visit to Boston is complete without exploring the Freedom Trail    or Beacon Hill—Hub Town Tours pledges that our walking history tour will be the highlight of your Boston visit!

Any Day, Any Time

Available by request seven days per week, year-round. Our talented guides are ready to tour whenever you are!

Custom Tour Duration

Allow three hours for full narrative, but we can do a quick overview in one hour or an introduction in two hours 

Your Private Group

Up to 10 persons may join a single private tour. Groups of 11+ guests should contact us for a quote

From $175.00 per Hour

Hourly rate includes five guests. Private tours are priced according to party size and desired duration

Freedom Trail & Beacon Hill

Choose your Boston adventure by strolling through Downtown Boston or exploring historic Beacon Hill

Hotel Pickup Available

Our guides come to you! Private tour bookings can easily begin wherever is most convenient for your party

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