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Site of Boston Massacre


Abigail Adams  (Bunker Hill, 1775)

"Perhaps the decisive day has come upon which the fate of America depends."

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While the Freedom Trail    links the structures, spaces, and final resting places for many of Boston's most famous residents, it is the historical figures themselves—their ideas, their actions, their sacrifices—that rendered these landmarks worthy of preservation. Hub Town Tours recreates the full picture of the complex, fallible, and determined individuals who spurred a town to declare war on an empire. Whenever possible, we use primary sources and direct quotations to enliven our narratives, giving voice to the men and women whose arguments and actions resulted in the creation of the United States of America.


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"Just superb. You will come away knowing so much more about Boston, the underpinnings of the Revolutionary War and the key people and events."

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Battle of Bunker Hill

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Meet Dana Smith

Volume 6 — Issue 7

October 20, 2022


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2022 – VOLUME 6

Hub Town Tours is expanding! Introducing our small team of expert guides and local historians.

(7 issues, April–October 2022)

2021 – VOLUME 5

Introducing the key political players at every level of society in Colonial Boston, from 1760 to 1780.

(18 issues, April–December 2021)

2020 – VOLUME 4

Recounting the formation of the Sons of Liberty in Revolutionary Boston, from 1760 to 1776.

(16 issues, May–December 2020)

2019 – VOLUME 3

Traveling the iconic Freedom Trail, from Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument.

(18 issues, April–December 2019)