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Since opening in 2016, Hub Town Tours has conducted countless tours for thousands of visitors along Boston's Freedom Trail. Even in a competitive market, Hub Town Tours stands out for its top-quality tour experience—we've earned nearly 100% five-star reviews, with hundreds of testimonials across every online travel platform!

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"Having taken many tours all over the world, Ted was simply the best tour guide we have ever had... As entertaining as it was educational."

– Diane M.

"This tour is for history layman and experts alike! Walking through historic Boston with Hub Town Tours was one of the highlights of our vacation to Boston."

– Alex H.
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"A compelling story about the Sons of Liberty and the start of the American Revolution. We were enthralled... I travel a lot but can't remember a better historical tour."

– Brad D.

"An amazing tour, full of excellent information for historians of all levels... 100% would recommend to anyone visiting or looking for a tour."

– Andra B.
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"Made history come alive for me. I learned more in one day than I ever did in school... fun and very interesting. Highly, highly recommend Hub Town Tours!"

– Terry L.

"What a wonderful tour! We did the evening tour on our first day in Boston and it was the perfect way to get introduced to the city’s history."

– Katelin G.
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"As a former history teacher, I felt it refreshing that a tour guide could bring the real story of the Sons of Liberty to life…. Well done. Please work on a movie script!"

– Katy H.

"Rather than just spouting facts, he weaved everything together into a story. It made it so much more interesting and the time flew by."

– Clark K.
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"Wonderfully curated tour... There is absolutely no way you could learn or see as much as you do on this tour on your own. Highly recommend!"

– Doug M.

"Hub Town Tours—the Best Tour Guide in all of Boston! Honestly, if you have one thing to choose to do while visiting Boston, this should be it!"

– Heather O.
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"Absolutely outstanding! An excellent storyteller who's capable of taking his audience back in time and making them feel as if they're in the middle of the action."

– Dan P.

"We gained an in-depth understanding of the struggles and triumphs of the Sons of Liberty, and the sacrifices made to give us our freedoms. Truly mesmerizing!"

– Sandy M.

Don't waste your Boston visit on huge tour groups or subpar guides! Hub Town Tours will ensure your Freedom Trail experience is truly exceptional.