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Ted Clark is a lifelong New Englander, raised in Connecticut and holding degrees in U.S. History and Archaeology from Bowdoin College in Maine. Over the past decade in Massachusetts, Ted has worked in public history along Boston's iconic Freedom Trail as a U.S. Park Ranger, museum educator, and now small business owner. From local institutions such as the Paul Revere House and Old South Meeting House, to interpreting Faneuil Hall, Bunker Hill, and beyond with Boston National Historical Park, Ted possesses a broad understanding of Revolutionary Boston's incredible history. In 2016, Ted founded Hub Town Tours, which has since delivered top-quality history to thousands of satisfied guests, earning coveted status as a Top Ten Tour of Boston.




Drew Cleveland is from Downeast Maine and has lived in New England all his life. He earned his BA in Theatre Arts from Gordon College, and moved to Boston shortly thereafter. Drew has always been fascinated by American history and possesses a wide knowledge of Boston's past. When not leading guests with Hub Town Tours, he can be found in colonial garb on tours for the Freedom Trail Foundation, working with his church, ushering guests at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, managing social media for a geriatric care management company, and auditioning for local productions. Needless to say, he's often on the move. He's proud to be a part of Hub Town Tours and the invaluable service it provides to visitors from around the world.

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Darcy Daniels is a historian, writer, and teacher. She earned her BA from Gettysburg College in History and Classics and her MA in History from Monmouth University. Darcy is a James Madison Memorial Fellow, with a concentration in U.S. Revolutionary and Constitutional Studies. A third-generation teacher, she has taught every grade from fifth grade through college. Darcy grew up in a history-loving family: her father impersonates Ulysses S. Grant, and she spent her childhood in museums, graveyards, and on historic American battlefields. She has taught in museums, transcribed letters from WWII, and conducted oral histories. Her writing has also been featured in STAT News and Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as part of the New York Times bestseller The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. Darcy is a Boston resident and excited to lead tours of the city she loves.



A native of Ohio, Sarah moved to Boston to pursue an MA in Art History at Boston University, where she is currently researching women’s cultural production and Early-Modern collection practices. Prior to Boston, Sarah earned her BA in History and Anthropology from Kent State University. In 2021, Sarah was nationally recognized as a NCHC Portz Scholar for her dedication to historical research. During her first Boston visit, a young Sarah subjected her family to a makeshift Freedom Trail tour... but now that she lives in Boston, Sarah joined Hub Town Tours to continue sharing her passion for diverse stories from America’s past. On days when she is not on tour, Sarah works at the Victorian-era Gibson House Museum, further informing her deep knowledge of Boston’s expansive history. 




A born-and-raised New Englander, Matthew Hutchins has been working on the Freedom Trail for five years—first as a British Redcoat, then as a guide in colonial garb with the Freedom Trail Foundation, where he can be found portraying his ancestor Captain Nathaniel Hutchins, who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill. The oldest of 16 cousins, Matthew long harbored a passion for entertaining and education. After earning a BS in Biology from the University of Massachusetts and training as an EMT, he was spurred by flattery and happenstance to pivot from pre-med into the performing arts. A longtime resident of Boston, he has proudly joined Hub Town Tours as a way to share his enthusiasm for Boston’s history, while free from the constraints of colonial-era footwear.



Nick Roberts, born and raised in the Boston area, holds his BA and MA from the University of Massachusetts in History and English Literature. Since first working at the Massachusetts State House as a tour guide, Nick has fostered a deep passion for local history and lore, which has informed his academic and professional careers. Among other activities, Nick's BA final project was an analysis of the life and work of Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet, as well as the early print culture of Boston. Nick possesses a deep and wide knowledge of Revolutionary Boston, and the incredible figures and events found therein. Nick joined Hub Town Tours to share his passion for Boston's astounding history with guests who are curious about Boston's role in the founding of the American experiment.




Although a native Californian, Dana Smith has lived in the Boston area since 1977. He earned his BA in American History at California State
University, Sacramento and MA in Teaching at Boston College. Dana is a 37-year veteran of teaching American, European, and African-American History at St. John's Preparatory School in Danvers, MA. In addition, Dana has 20 years of experience leading tours for the National Park Service in Boston. He traces his love for history back to many visits to U.S. landmarks he had as a young man traveling with his parents, who were also teachers. Dana feels that the best way to learn history is to be where the actual events took place, and Boston provides such a great opportunity with so many historical sites, rich with remarkable stories.

Don't waste your Boston visit on huge tour groups or subpar guides! We will ensure your Boston history experience is truly exceptional.

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