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Ted is a lifelong New Englander, raised in Connecticut and holding degrees in U.S. History and Archaeology from Bowdoin College in Maine. Over the past decade in Massachusetts, Ted has worked in public history along Boston's Freedom Trail as a U.S. Park Ranger, museum educator, and small business owner. From local institutions such as the Paul Revere House and Old South Meeting House, to interpreting Faneuil Hall, Bunker Hill, and beyond with Boston National Historical Park, Ted possesses a broad understanding of Revolutionary Boston's history. In 2016, Ted founded Hub Town Tours, which has delivered high-quality history to tens of thousands of guests, earning recognition as a Top 5 Tour of Boston and Top 20 Tour of the USA.




Born and raised near Boston, Dave holds a BFA from the University of Hartford and MEd in History from Framingham State University. Dave has a decade of experience teaching in public schools in various roles, most recently as an after-school coordinator. Dave has led tours for seven years in Boston and Salem, where he now lives with his wife and daughter. He's had a love of history and architecture since childhood, inspired by family travel. Dave has an extensive knowledge of Boston and New England’s rich history, architecture, and maritime tradition; British and European history; as well as urban morphology (study of cities across time). Dave loves that Boston is such a uniquely historic urban environment, and the best walking city in the USA.




Drew is from Downeast Maine and has lived in New England all his life. He earned his BA in Theatre Arts from Gordon College, and moved to Boston shortly thereafter. Drew has always been fascinated by American history and possesses a wide knowledge of Boston's past. When not leading guests with Hub Town Tours, he can be found in colonial garb on tours for the Freedom Trail Foundation, working with his church, ushering guests at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, managing social media for a geriatric care management company, and auditioning for local productions. Needless to say, he's often on the move. He's proud to be a part of Hub Town Tours and the invaluable service it provides to visitors from around the world.




A native of Columbus, Ohio, Sarah moved to Boston to pursue an MA in Art History at Boston University, graduating in May 2023. She holds her BA in History and Anthropology from Kent State University, and her research has been nationally recognized. Now finished with her education, Sarah is in her second season on the Freedom Trail with Hub Town Tours to continue sharing her passion for the diverse stories of America’s past. Sarah’s dedication to historical research has brought an expanded role at Hub Town Tours, where she is currently developing a women’s history tour of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. When not out touring, Sarah works as the Museum Assistant at the Victorian-era Gibson House Museum, further informing her deep knowledge of Boston’s expansive history. 




A born-and-raised New Englander, Matthew has been working on the Freedom Trail for six years—first as a British Redcoat, then as a guide in colonial garb with the Freedom Trail Foundation, where he can be found portraying his ancestor Captain Nathaniel Hutchins, who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill. The oldest of 16 cousins, Matthew long harbored a passion for entertaining and education. After earning a BS in Biology from the University of Massachusetts and training as an EMT, he was spurred by flattery and happenstance to pivot from pre-med into the performing arts. A longtime resident of Boston, Matthew joined Hub Town Tours as a way to proudly share his enthusiasm for Boston's history while carrying on his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's legacy.




Mazen first arrived to Boston in 2016 and was amazed by the city’s iconic monuments and architecture. The city’s unique and eventful past continues to intrigue Mazen, leading him to read every Boston history book he can find. Mazen currently teaches English literature, but throughout his decade-long career in education, Mazen has taught a variety of history classes, too. When not leading tours or teaching, you'll find Mazen biking on the Charles River Esplanade or strolling through Beacon Hill. Mazen is fascinated by the way religion, migration, and geography shape a city, and joining Hub Town Tours provides him the chance to share his favorite stories about the "City on a Hill" and bring some of its most remarkable characters to life.

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Growing up in the richly historic town of Quincy, Massachusetts, Candace developed a deep appreciation and passion for learning stories from a time before her own. She traces her love of history back to memories of hearing her grandparents' stories about immigrating from Hong Kong, realizing that each person holds an individual perspective and experience of history. Previously, Candace delivered tours of the Dorothy Quincy Homestead and the Granite Quarry and Worker’s Museum, where she gained insight into Colonial American society and discovered excitement in sharing history with others. Candace is currently pursuing a BA in History from the University of Massachusetts, where she hopes to continue her interests of historical research and the study of world languages.




A born-and-bred New Yorker, Genesis moved to Boston to pursue an MA in the History of Art and Architecture at Boston University, with a focus in early modern studies. During four years living abroad in Italy—where she earned her BA in Art History and Italian—Genesis used her language skills and art expertise to deliver tours in Renaissance cathedrals, museums, and palaces all over Florence, developing a passion for sharing the wonders of the past with others. Happy to be back guiding curious travelers, Genesis is fascinated by the extensive, unique history that Boston has to offer and the stories of those that once walked the same cobblestone streets. When she's not exploring Boston with Hub Town Tours, Genesis works at the iconic Museum of Fine Arts among some of her favorite artists and artworks, enriching her knowledge of the city's valuable role in American history.

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Darcy is a historian, writer, and teacher. She earned her BA from Gettysburg College in History and Classics and her MA in History from Monmouth University. Darcy is a James Madison Memorial Fellow, with a concentration in U.S. Revolutionary and Constitutional Studies. A third-generation teacher, she has taught every grade from fifth grade through college. Darcy grew up in a history-loving family: her father impersonates Ulysses S. Grant, and she spent her childhood in museums, graveyards, and on historic American battlefields. She has taught in museums, transcribed letters from WWII, and conducted oral histories. Her writing has also been featured in STAT News and Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as part of the New York Times bestseller The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. Darcy is a Boston resident and excited to lead tours of the city she loves.




Jon is originally from Boston and holds a BFA from Lesley University, just across the Charles River in Cambridge. Jon has always had a strong interest in the history of the United States. When not leading tours through the winding streets of Boston, Jon can be found reading, writing, working on documentary films, and doing photography. In addition to working at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Jon has written, directed, and produced two feature-length documentary films on the Civil War. His first film documents the Civil War from the written accounts of soldiers in the 12th New Hampshire Infantry. His second film highlights the story of twelve Civil War soldiers who created a compact while at York General Hospital in 1864. Jon loves learning and meeting new people and is excited to share his knowledge while leading historical tours in Boston.

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Kaitlin grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, before moving to Spain and then onto Boston to earn her BA at Berklee College of Music. She has always been deeply interested in history, and strongly considered becoming a history teacher before heading off to school for music. When Kaitlin isn’t on the Freedom Trail with Hub Town Tours, she wears many hats: working as an educator at the Old North Church; writing historical musical theater pieces; collecting oral histories of Boston residents as part of The Fenway Memory Project; leading tours for Nightly Spirits haunted pub crawl; and staying busy as an actor, musician, technician, and fight choreographer for several theater companies around town. Kaitlin is also a fiction writer, currently serving as a staff member at Alpha Young Writer’s Workshop.  



Clio moved from South Carolina to Boston to earn her MA in History and Library Science at Simmons University, pursuing her love for research and archival work. She holds BAs in History and Computer Science from the University of South Carolina Honors College, where she also received awards for research on women’s history and her digitization of Piranesi’s works. Although not a native Bostonian, Clio fell in love with Boston and its history as soon as she stepped foot into the city. Off the Freedom Trail, Clio conducts archival work for the William Hickling Prescott House and is currently working on exploring Boston’s trade with Russia in the early 19th century. Clio joined Hub Town Tours to share her love for Boston and its history, as well as to engage with other history-lovers.

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As a resident of Boston and its suburbs for almost 25 years, Maureen is always excited to introduce visitors to her favorite historic landmarks and figures. Maureen earned a BA in Government at Dartmouth College, where she focused on American political theory and constitutional law. Maureen then taught American and World History high school courses, before pursuing graduate research at Harvard examining the legacy of Crispus Attucks in Boston, for which she was awarded the Klein History Prize. When not in Boston, Maureen teaches elementary students from around the state at the Concord Museum. Maureen loves sharing local history with diverse groups of learners through artifacts, historic sites, and first-person accounts that bring the thrilling Revolutionary era to life.




Rosalie is a born-and-raised New Englander and currently a student at Lesley University, where she is working toward her degree in history. Prior to joining Hub Town Tours, Rosalie led costumed tours along the Freedom Trail as Hannah Adams, cousin of both John and Samuel Adams, and one of the first women writers in the nascent United States of America. When Rosalie isn't walking five miles a day, she can still be found along the Freedom Trail—but standing stationary at the Paul Revere House in the North End, as part of her role as a historical interpreter inside the oldest structure surviving in Downtown Boston!

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A Boston native, storyteller, and student of history, Eric is a journalist who spent two decades amid the thrum of newsrooms before stepping back to freelance to work on a book and raise his young family. During more than a decade at The Boston Globe, Eric was part of the team that received a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. His work has been included in The Best American Sports Writing and The Best American Newspaper Narratives anthologies. Apart from stints living in New York City and Philadelphia—where he studied American history at the University of Pennsylvania—Eric is a lifelong resident of New England. Though new to Hub Town Tours, he’s been an enthusiastic local tour guide for family and friends for ages.




Alex has been obsessed with history ever since he found a book about presidents in third grade. He holds a BA in History and Social Sciences, with a concentration in Secondary Education, from Eastern Connecticut State University and an MA in Military History from Norwich University in Vermont. Alex currently teaches World History, U.S. Military History, Civics, Psychology, Sociology, and AP U.S. History at Parish Hill High School, and was named the CT PTA High School Teacher of the Year in 2022. When not teaching or touring, you’ll find Alex screaming and sweating on a rugby pitch for the New London County Rugby Club. Alex loves engaging with other history enthusiasts, joining Hub Town Tours to share his immense passion for Boston and its revolutionary history. 

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Nick, born and raised in the Boston area, holds his BA and MA from the University of Massachusetts in History and English Literature. Since first working at the Massachusetts State House as a tour guide, Nick has fostered a deep passion for local history and lore, which has informed his academic and professional careers. Among other activities, Nick's BA final project was an analysis of the life and work of Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet, as well as the early print culture of Boston. Nick possesses a deep and wide knowledge of Revolutionary Boston, and the incredible figures and events found therein. Nick joined Hub Town Tours to share his passion for Boston's astounding history with guests who are curious about Boston's role in the founding of the American experiment.



Josh moved from New York City to Boston to pursue a PhD in History at Boston College. His current research is concerned with the politics of housing and education in the United States in the late 20th century. While in New York, Josh taught AP US History and Guitar for five years at Bronx Compass High School. He also worked as an interpretive guide at the famous Tenement Museum, which tells the stories of immigrants and migrants on New York’s Lower East Side. Josh has published articles for academic and popular audiences on the teaching of American history in public schools. When he isn't writing about or talking about history, Josh tries to spend as much time as possible outside: backpacking, running, and skiing. He is also attempting to get into carpentry.

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Gianna first moved to Boston to pursue a dual major in Political Science and History at Boston College. She remained at Boston College to earn her MA in U.S. History, with a minor concentration in race, ethnicity, and difference in the 19th–21st centuries. Although originally from Florida, Gianna's love for Boston's history, culture, and varied seasons immediately made the city her home. She joined Hub Town Tours with the intention of sharing her love for Boston and our nation's rich history. As a historian, Gianna has a passion for public history and the movement for increased public accessibility to accurate and diverse narratives. Her research interests span American history in the 18th and 19th centuries and the determinants of effective political communication. 




Leah is pursuing her MA in Early Modern History at Boston College, with a focus in women's history in Western Europe and the American Colonies. Her current research regards witch crises and mistranslated texts; she recently presented research on discrepancies between Juan Luis Vives's Latin text De Institutione Feminae Christianae and its English translation. Leah received her BA in History from Southern CT State University, where she graduated Magna cum Laude, received a Distinction in History Award, and was president of Phi Alpha Theta, the national historians' honor society. Leah is an intern with Historic New England and a certified makeup artist, too. She joined Hub Town Tours for the opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds through the shared experience of history.

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Although a native Californian, Dana has lived in the Boston area since the late 1970s. He earned his BA in American History at California State
University, Sacramento and MA in Teaching at Boston College. Dana is a 37-year veteran of teaching American, European, and African-American History at St. John's Preparatory School in Danvers, MA. In addition, Dana has 20 years of experience leading tours for the National Park Service in Boston. He traces his love for history back to many visits to U.S. landmarks he had as a young man traveling with his parents, who were also teachers. Dana feels that the best way to learn history is to be where the actual events took place, and Boston provides such a great opportunity with so many historical sites, rich with remarkable stories.




Will grew up outside of Boston and earned his BA in History from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He began his career in public history as an educator at the Old North Church in Boston's North End, before spending five summers as a park ranger with Boston African American National Historical Park. In addition to leading tours of historic Beacon Hill, William led ranger programs inside the "Cradle of Liberty" at Faneuil Hall. He has a passion for sharing Boston's history, from the Revolution to the Fugitive Slave Law to Urban Renewal. When not out and about with Hub Town Tours, William can be found leading tours inside King's Chapel, a Freedom Trail landmark, or Fenway Park.


Don't waste your Boston visit on huge tour groups or subpar guides! We will ensure your Boston history experience is truly exceptional.

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