Since opening in 2016, Hub Town Tours has conducted countless tours for thousands of visitors along Boston's Freedom Trail. Even in a competitive market, Hub Town Tours stands out for its top-quality tour experience—we have earned 100% five-star reviews, with hundreds of testimonials across every online travel platform!

"Having taken many tours all over the world, Ted was simply the best tour guide we have ever had... As entertaining as it was educational."

– Diane M.

"This tour is for history layman and experts alike! Walking through historic Boston with Hub Town Tours was one of the highlights of our vacation to Boston."

– Alex H.

"A compelling story about the Sons of Liberty and the start of the American Revolution. We were enthralled... I travel a lot but can't remember a better historical tour."

– Brad D.

"An amazing tour, full of excellent information for historians of all levels... 100% would recommend to anyone visiting or looking for a tour."

– Andra B.

"What a wonderful tour! We did the evening tour on our first day in Boston and it was the perfect way to get introduced to the city’s history."

– Katelin G.

"Made history come alive for me. I learned more in one day than I ever did in school... fun and very interesting. Highly, highly recommend Hub Town Tours!"

– Terry L.

"Absolutely outstanding! An excellent storyteller who's capable of taking his audience back in time and making them feel as if they're in the middle of the action."

– Dan P.

"We gained an in-depth understanding of the struggles and triumphs of the Sons of Liberty, and the sacrifices made to give us our freedoms. Truly mesmerizing!"

– Sandy M.

"Wonderfully curated tour... There is absolutely no way you could learn or see as much as you do on this tour on your own. Highly recommend!"

– Doug M.

"Hub Town Tours—the Best Tour Guide in all of Boston! Honestly, if you have one thing to choose to do while visiting Boston, this should be it!"

– Heather O.

Don't waste your Boston visit on huge tour groups or subpar guides! Hub Town Tours will ensure your Freedom Trail experience is truly exceptional.

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